Budget $aving$

We are always tweaking our monthly budget, looking for new ways to save.  Maybe you are also.  I wanted to share how we saved over $2,000 off our annual budget last fall when we addressed four specific areas.

  1. Car Insurance – We comparison shopped with many companies, but, in the end, wound up bundling our car insurance for two vehicles with our homeowner’s policy for major savings!  (I knew we were paying too much!) We also saved even more because we decided to pay it annually vs. monthly installments.  Ecstatic! This yielded a total annual savings of $1,500!
  2. Home Security Provider – We were stuck in a 3 year contract previously, but when our contract was nearly up, we shopped around.  We were paying $52 a month for the alarm monitoring service, and found a great company for only $25! Happy!  Annual Savings of $324.
  3. Cell Phone Service –  I was getting really tired of paying so much, so I decided to explore my options.    I was strongly leaning toward switching to a particular company, mostly because of the low monthly fee and no contract.  So, I decided to call my current carrier to let them know what I was considering.  Brilliant choice!  I am not the one who normally negotiates in our family.  My husband is a master negotiator; that’s his domain!  But, on this particular day, God truly granted favor because they reduced my monthly bill by $30 and brought it down to an acceptable figure!  I think stating that I had been a loyal customer for a decade helped…  Annual Savings of $360.
  4. Trash Service – We were paying $78 a quarter for trash pick-up, which I always thought was exorbitant for once a week pick up.  When we received a leaflet for another company, we decided to call and check them out.  We switched for a cost savings of $27 a quarter!  Joyful! Annual savings of $108.

**** Total Annual Savings = $2,292!

I offer these examples in hopes they may inspire you to re-examine your budget for areas that could be reduced.

We make valiant efforts to be wise stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with, so every category counts.  And with the rising costs of just about everything these days, it adds even greater incentive and requires more craftiness to yield tangible results. So, attempting to find new ways to save necessitates skill and savvy.  But, we can do this!

I love a good challenge, so I’m always trying to find new ways to save.  The category with the most flexibility is probably groceries, but with two teenagers in the house, I don’t foresee that being reduced any time in the near future!  🙂

Time to get the magnifying glass out again …

Comments are always welcome.  I’d love to hear your success stories as well!  Maybe they could encourage others! Be blessed!  🙂


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