Out & About with Dad

Today was a good day …

Traffic was really heavy this morning as I fought my way through the interstate for 45 minutes.  I picked Dad up this morning around 10:00 a.m. to go to the lab for his routine blood work.  He’s on Coumadin, a blood thinner, so he has to be monitored regularly.  Thankfully, the last two months he has been on a monthly schedule as the results have come back in the desired range. Previously, there were times he had to go weekly or every two weeks, which quickly wore on both of us.  Today, he was in and out, in no time at all.  

We headed to my favorite French cafe for a late breakfast.  He ordered scrambled eggs, provencal potatoes and sausage links.  I always order the spinach, bacon and avocado omelette and today was no exception.  Delicious breakfast and attentive service, as always.  Oh, and they have the best coffee!  I enjoyed two cups with cream and sugar, in hopes of getting my other eye open!  (not sure it helped a great deal…)

From there, we went to the grocery store to get a few things he needed.  I picked up some bananas and a few odds and ends.  He always fills up my SUV gas tank on days we have appointments or errands, so we stopped by the gas station next.  

We had a little time to kill before his follow-up appointment with the cardiologist, so we stopped by my house for a bit.  My husband turned the television on to occupy my dad while we ran a quick errand.

His appointment was uneventful and the EKG was normal.  My dad had an atrial fibrillation (wildly irregular heart rate) episode a year and a half ago, and subsequently has had no other episodes or adverse symptoms.  Out of an abundance of caution, he has follow up appointments every six months now.

His cardiologist has a great bedside manner and my dad loves to joke around with him and vice versa.  🙂  All in all, he had a great report and will return for an echocardiogram at the end of the month.

When we got out to the car after his appointment, he was confused by some remarks the Dr. made about his risk of stroke.  So, I reiterated the doctor’s explanation of why he is taking the Coumadin to reduce the risk of stroke, etc.  It all made sense to him after that, but, initially, he was very concerned.

Overall, dad was in a very pleasant mood, which always makes our days together more enjoyable.  I could tell he was really winding down on the ride home.  He was very quiet and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was dozing off to sleep as I was, again, fighting my way through traffic.  It was a long day and he did a good bit of walking, so I bet he’ll sleep well tonight.  (What am I saying?  I bet I’ll sleep well tonight!)  This is in stark contrast to when he got in the SUV this morning.  He’s quite a chatter box, whether it’s a topic you’d like to hear about or not…I’m a captive audience as I drive to our next stop.  🙂

When we arrived at his house, I carried the groceries inside and brought out two baskets of laundry to the car.  Aside from taxi driver, medical consultant and personal assistant, I also provide a laundry service.  🙂  His washer and dryer are located in his basement and I do not feel comfortable with him trudging up and down those stairs.  At age 77, his equilibrium is not what it used to be.  So, it’s safer for me to do his laundry, plus, it promotes regular changes of clothing.  😉  It’s all good.

Alas, it was time to get in the convertible and fight more traffic for an hour!  (You may be wondering why I was driving a convertible when earlier I mentioned filling up the SUV??… We switched vehicles when we stopped by my house.  🙂  I love driving the convertible and it needs to get out and about.  With the harsh winter, we baby it and don’t usually drive it when there’s snow on the ground.  The rock salt they use to treat the roads destroys paint.)    

Fortunately, my husband was off work today and could run our daughter to and from her part time job!  That’s the other hat I normally wear … “Taxi driver” for my daughter.  🙂

And, so, as I wind down this evening (and this post), I am grateful for the grace and strength that God gives me.  I’m thankful that, despite my fatigue, I am able to assist my dad.  Sometimes the road is long.  Sometimes it’s windy.  Somehow it’s always paved with God’s mercy and provision.  Sometimes the blessings are in disguise.


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