Check Your Warranty…


   Our car battery recently died and we anticipated at least a $100 unexpected expense to replace it.  My husband went to the auto parts store where we’d originally purchased the battery and it turned out it was still under warranty!  What a blessing this was because it meant they replaced it free of charge!  (a $160 value!)

So, it really pays to inquire if a product is still under warranty before replacing it.  Lesson well noted.  🙂


  Okay, Tervis Tumblers are my very favorite insulated cups!  We recently had one come apart (after being dropped by one of the kids).  I almost threw it away, even though it would’ve hurt to do that.  And, then I recalled their lifetime warranty!  I completed a return form from their website, shipped the old one back to them in Osprey, Florida, and my new one just arrived last Saturday!  They even included a neon pink lid, which usually cost $5.95.  I love the above 24 oz. size as it’s great to take in the car when I’m running errands.  There’s even room for a straw in the lid.  The retail value is $24.95, but they are so worth it!  They really do keep cold drinks cold longer (and without sweating!).  You can also use it for hot beverages.

  I like Tervis Tumblers so well that I’ve bought them as gifts for a number of family members.  Because everyone should own one…  Haha!  🙂   I’m not an employee, nor do I get a kick-back, but I am a very satisfied customer.  I’ve visited their store in Osprey, Florida, which is very dangerous for one who loves Tervis so!  Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon also carry them.  They’ve been made in America since 1946.  🙂

Despite the relatively small value of the Tervis Tumbler, I was thrilled at my replacement and them honoring the lifetime guarantee!

Frugal living is all about making things last longer and the seemingly small habits of conserving that quickly add up to significant savings.

   Do you have a fantastic warranty story?  I’d love to hear it.  🙂


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