10 Ways to Save $$ and a Few Frugal Thoughts


Easy Ways to Conserve $$ this week:

1)   Declare a spending freeze, outside of regular bills.

2)   Spend $10 less on groceries.

3)   Have a meatless dinner.

4)   Cook on top of the stove or crock pot vs. running the oven.

5)   Use less.  Shorter showers, consolidate errands, less products.

6)   Go to bed earlier.  (saves electricity, food, etc.)

7)   Turn off heated dry option on dishwasher.

8)   Do (full load of) laundry on off peak hours.

9)   Turn gas fireplace off an hour before bed.

10)        Read more/less t.v. time.

The above suggestions are relatively painless to implement, yet can yield tangible results.  Even if only a few are put into practice, the savings are still valid.

I’ve learned that the art of frugal living is found in the seemingly small habits.  I’ve also come to understand that true frugality requires a fair amount of creativity.  (re-purposing things, thinking outside of the box, etc.)

I’ve researched boat loads of money saving ideas over the years.  After a while, the standard, thrifty notions become repetitive and monotonous.  That’s why I think a mental change is also necessary in combination with shifts in our habits.

Such mental changes may  include:

  • Learning to make things last or do without
  • Delay purchases
  • Focus on long term goals rather than temporary pleasures
  • Implementing a monthly budget & having the resolve to adhere to it
  • Downgrade your expectations
  • Stop comparing your finances to others
  • Realize you don’t need every item advertised on t.v. or the internet
  • Stick to a list when shopping/No shopping therapy
  • Stop & smell the roses/Be thankful
  • Celebrate the small budget victories

   We all have our frugal limits.  I’m definitely not a “die hard” frugal disciple, but I make valiant strides.  For instance, I do not grow a garden, whereas many thrifty people do.  That is just one area I have no desire to venture into.  However, I do shop heavily at a discount grocery store.  So, I save that way.  

The thing I love most about frugal living is it allows one to save in many areas in order to accomplish important financial goals.

In a nutshell, it’s living with purpose.

Do you have any other budget “mental changes” ideas?

What are some creative, “off the beaten path” money saving ideas you’ve come across?  I’d love to hear!  🙂



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Save $$ and a Few Frugal Thoughts

  1. sarahlearichards

    I need to stop spending money on junk food at the grocery store. I’ll see it on sale, which makes it hard to resist, because then next week, I’ll be wishing I’d gotten it. One thing that can save you a ton (though I realize eating at home will save you even more) is when you do go out to restaurants, order water. You’re not there for the soda or tea anyway, plus you feel better afterwards. I always do my laundry and run the dishwasher late at night (though I’m also a night owl, though not by choice, so I’m burning electricity–I guess that’s a wash, no pun intended).

    • Yes, junk food can really add up. We try to bake cookies at home. They say to shop the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid the junk/non-essentials, but that’s not always feasible. Not only is water a cost savings when eating out, sodas fill you up more because of the carbonated water. So, good choice indeed! Happy $avings Week! 🙂

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