Vacation Dreaming


Okay, I’m heading south.  At least I am in my mind.  I’m ready…more than ready to bid farewell to this bitter winter and say hello to sunshine and warmth!  Anybody with me?

The white, fine sand of Florida is beckoning me.  I am sitting on the beach, under my trusty beach umbrella, of course.  (Gotta protect my fair skin.)  A stack of books are nestled in a yellow tote bag beside my rainbow colored beach chair as I listen to the waves lap against the shore.  The seagulls are squawking and swarming around those who foolishly offer their human food.  The lifeguards are in their wooden stations keeping watch over the happy swimmers enjoying the warm waters.  Mounted police officers casually make their rounds up and down the coastline.  Occasionally, beach goers stop to pet the officer’s horses.

The cool breeze coming off the ocean is enough to ease the warm temperature.  A father controls a huge, red kite with his little ones running behind with excitement.  Power boats and jet skis can be seen racing along the blue green water in the distance.  Daring souls are having the time of their lives as they parasail above the crystal ocean.  Children merrily build sand castles while the older ones hone their skills on their wakeboards.

One or two older gentlemen make their way slowly down the beach with their metal detectors actively waving across the sand in hopes of finding treasure.  A family from up north plunks another handful of seashells they’ve collected along the shoreline in their sand bucket to remember their fun vacation.

The sunshine is unrelenting and the relaxation tangible.


My suitcase is pleading to be released from my closet, and my summer wardrobe is itching to see the light of day once more.  My new white, Crocs flip flops are waiting to get broken in.  The SUV is gassed up and ready to navigate the busy interstate.

Oh, that the calendar pages have turned to the circled and highlighted date when my inner coastal lover can be released!  🙂

I can hear the symphony of the sea.  Can you?




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8 responses to “Vacation Dreaming

  1. Why yes, I can hear the symphony of the sea! And I felt the warm of the sun as I read! We, too, are counting down the days to head to Florida! It can not get here soon enough! 🙂

  2. Karen

    While reading your blog, I could just imagine being there. I feel so relaxed now.


  3. I’m definitely hearing that symphony! 🙂

  4. Good read! It was like sitting on the beach!

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