Thursdays with Dad

It’s always an adventure when I take my Dad for his various Dr. appts.  There’s usually some “nugget of humor” that makes me laugh for days.  Take, for instance, when he mentioned something about an upcoming appt. with the pediatrician…Just let that sink in for a moment.  I’m pretty sure there aren’t any pediatricians in town that would care to see a 77 year old man.  😉  Just sayin’.  He meant another specialist that begins with the letter “P” – podiatrist.  If he only mixed it up once, that would have been one thing, but he repeated it a number of times throughout the day.  Oh my.  I’ve learned to let things ride unless correcting him really matters.

Two weeks ago I took him for his echocardiogram at the cardiologist office.  I signed his name on the clip board and told him I’d return in thirty minutes.  I figured he’d be okay since it’s just a routine test.  Apparently the technician asked him who his primary care Dr. is.  To which he replied with the name of the cardiologist.  She said, “No, the Dr. you go to when you get sick”, thinking that would prompt him to offer the correct response.  My Dad, ever the comedian, says slowly and deliberately, “I don’t get sick.”  At this juncture, I would have paid to be a fly on the wall, just to see the facial expression of this poor technician.  Haha.  He finally told the technician the name of his primary care, but it wasn’t without a little verbal dance.

Ah, Dad.  Ya gotta love him.

For all of his “fuzzy” moments, I bear in mind, I have my own.  He’s actually pretty sharp most days.  For instance, the other day we were discussing some past event, and he says, “Oh yeah, it was on a Tuesday.”  And it happened like three years ago!  How he recalls tidbits of information like that, I will never know.  I do well to know the current day of the week!

I know where I get my neatnik qualities from,  though.  It’s definitely his fault.  Haha.  He likes things organized.  Recently, he sorted through his dresser and gave me a huge trash bag full of tshirts and other clothes he wanted me to take to a charity.  He doesn’t really care for anyone to come in and clean because he doesn’t want his things to be out of place.  🙂

Last Thursday, he was in and out of the lab in no time flat, which was wonderful.  Then we were off to our favorite French cafe for breakfast.  He deferred to me as he knows I prefer it over the usual breakfast restaurant he likes.  Or maybe I’m winning him over!  Imagine that!

In between our errands, I had to swing by my house to pick up my 16 year old daughter and take her to work.  We also picked up my 14 year old son, who is a huge help with groceries and lifting baskets of laundry for me, etc.  I noticed that my son is nearly as tall as his 6’1″ Grandpa as we were getting out of the SUV at the grocery store, so I snapped a quick picture of the two of them.  Last outing, I also took a picture of the two of them as they’d just gotten nice hair cuts.  It’s neat to see the bond they share and I like to take regular pictures to remember these days.

Some days juggling errands and appointments with my Dad and my duties as a wife and mom are challenging.  Fortunately, my husband was able to pick our daughter up from work as I wasn’t sure I’d make it there in time due to heavy traffic on the way home.  Somehow we make it work, though.

During our days together, I try to find the peace and joy in the little things.  I also try to be patient and understanding.  When we’re out and about, it’s interesting how many younger (and not so younger) folks don’t understand that seniors require a little extra time and understanding when performing even simple tasks.  I grew up to respect those older than myself.

They say – “Be patient with the very young and very old, for one day, you will have been both.”



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4 responses to “Thursdays with Dad

  1. I love that last line:) I admire all those who care for the old as if they were gold. The circle of life was meant for that:)

  2. Thanks. I like your quote as well. Thanks for stopping by! Have a good evening!

  3. Seniors need extra time, extra attention, extra understanding! And we all should give them more love and more attention! If we love them care them…respect them…then we also get these things back in return! A beautiful post! Spending time with our seniors gives an inner peace ! Thanks for sharing this beautiful message with us! Much love sent your way!

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