My Kids Met the Duggars


My kids have enjoyed watching the TLC show, “19 Kids and Counting” for several years now.  We’ve admired their unabashed witness for the Lord and the love that radiates from their lives.  My 16 year old daughter, in particular, was so excited to attend a recent book signing for Growing Up Duggar at a local Christian bookstore!  My 14 year old son was happy to tag along too.  (Now, if it had been the Robertson clan of “Duck Dynasty”, wild horses couldn’t have kept him away!)  The entire Duggar family was there.

The modesty the Duggar family displays is refreshing and a message that my daughter has wholeheartily embraced.  She only wears skirts as well and I’m most proud of her inward character qualities that are the motivation behind her decision.  She also would like to be a midwife, so she shares that interest with Jill Duggar.

My husband took the kids to the book signing as I was attending a “Mom’s Night Out” with some ladies from our church.  So, last week, apparently the heavens parted (not sure if you experienced that or not)  and my husband and kids shook hands, spoke and took pictures with the Duggar family!  Yes, they got their 30 seconds of fame, folks.  🙂

I am quite confident it was one of the best days of my daughter’s life…And guess what, folks?  My daughter, who can talk the paper off the wall, froze!  … I might have done the same thing.  But, it’s ironic that the child who likely talks in her sleep too, clammed up.  She did say a few words, mostly to Anna, wife of Josh, when she handed her a card and a crocheted necktie she made for baby Marcus.  Anna was very touched by her gesture.  Josh even got my daughter’s Instagram info. to tag her in a post, which I thought was very sweet.

Jessa had on a cute scarf, actually identical to the one that I gave my daughter for her 15th birthday.  So, they discussed that for a minute.  She spoke with Joy Anna, who is her senior by a couple months for a few minutes as well.

My son noted later that evening that his sister looked like a member of the press with her work badge still around her neck on a lanyard and a camera on her shoulder.  She just got a nice camera for Christmas, which was perfect for this big event.  🙂  I thought his observation was pretty funny.  The two of them waited in line for an hour and a half! …together… and were fairly patient about it all!  That might be the greatest miracle of the night! Yes, they’re getting older now and thankfully a little more tolerant of one another.  But, they’re a mere 20 months apart and polar opposites in just about every way.  They love each other deeply underneath it all, though.  🙂

It’s so important for those our children admire to exemplify Christ like character.  And I’m so thankful that the Duggar family is such a great representation of God’s love, especially for children.  Because they’re watching…

~    ~    ~    ~    ~

On the Duggar website, they have a chart of godly character qualities for parents to instruct their children, which is awesome:

You can even print out the pdf, which is handy.  This is an awesome resource for any parent or anyone, really.  A neat idea is to print it on nice paper and give it to a new parent.

I definitely encourage you to take a look at this chart as I think it will be a blessing to you!



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6 responses to “My Kids Met the Duggars

  1. How neat. What a treat. Im happy for them!

  2. So fun! We drove by their house, but that’s as close as we’ve gotten 🙂

  3. That’s great! I’m Happy for your kids!

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