Life is Precious

As I’ve spent nearly a week at my father’s bedside in the hospital, I have been struck by the fragility of life.  As my dad lay fighting sepsis, a few doors down a 74 year old woman died of the same infection while we were there.  My dad is 77 and has a ways to go as he recovers, but, prayerfully, he will recover from all of this.  Tomorrow a home health nurse will come out and perhaps the following day, the physical therapist will visit to help him regain greater mobility with his fractured right foot.  Now that the infection is under control, his strength is slowly returning and he’s able to navigate reasonably well with the walker.  He still makes me nervous when he has to get up, but hopefully each day we’ll see improvement.

It’s steadily snowing this morning as I sit here typing this post while my father is dozing on the sofa.  The medicine makes him very sleepy, plus, he really needs rest anyway.  Sometimes it’s the best medicine.

This morning I put in a call to the urologist and am expecting a return call this afternoon (once he reviews his hospital records) regarding scheduling follow up tests and an appointment.  I also called the orthopedic doctor to postpone his follow up visit by two weeks, so that will buy us some time before he has to be out and about.  I’m hopeful his mobility will be much better by April 16th.  Initially, the Dr. thought 6-8 weeks healing time for his fractured foot, so we’ll see.  Right now, that’s the least of his physical worries.  We have bigger issues.

He’s on a blood thinner and was due to have lab work this week, however, upon mentioning it to the hospital discharge Dr., he put in an order for a home health nurse to come out to do the lab work.  What a relief!  That’s one less appointment we have to go out for.

And, at some point soon, we will need to follow up with his primary care physician.  The good news is … my dad is in good spirits and is thrilled to be out of the hospital.  Although he’s not in his own home, he is very content being a house guest at our humble abode.  He was happy to watch old baseball games on t.v. last night and is anxiously awaiting Opening Day for baseball on Monday!  He adores his favorite baseball team!

In the midst of all the hubbub with my dad, we’ve all been waiting for a friend to have her baby.  My daughter has aspirations of becoming a midwife and had the opportunity to witness a home birth.  We took her to our friend’s house the other day, but it was not to be the “birthday”, lots of contractions, but then they stopped.  My husband dropped her off again yesterday around 7a.m. and she wound up staying the night as she was about 5 centimeters as of late last night.  Thankfully and blessedly, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl a little after 7a.m.!  Baby #6 for our friend’s family!  Life is precious.  Life is sweet.  My daughter is naturally exhausted from the last few days, but she still wants to be a midwife.  🙂  I’m sure it was an event she won’t ever forget.  When I picked her up from our friend’s house this morning, I would have liked to have seen her precious bundle from heaven, but I am fighting a bad cold so I did not go inside the house.

Yes, life is precious.  Enjoy each and every day.  Take nothing for granted.  Celebrate all the little moments, for in the end, they add up to a lifetime of blessings!




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8 responses to “Life is Precious

  1. Love your last sentence, so true! Blessings!

  2. Still praying for you Girl!!!

  3. Karen

    You are all in my prayers. That is wonderful that your friend had a baby girl, and that Sarah wants to become a midwife.

  4. Hope your father is feeling better and that you are getting rest. Take care of you too. Don’t get too exhausted taking care of other people. Meghan

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