Dad’s Returning Home Soon!

After I dropped my daughter off at work this afternoon, we proceeded to my dad’s house to see how he’d do maneuvering there.  He did very well!  He made it up his stairs using the railing on either side just fine.  Fortunately his house is small and he can get around easily.  I asked him what, if anything, he felt would be his greatest challenge when he returned home.  Are you ready for his reply? … Apparently, we need to contact his cable provider to order a new remote as his on/off button no longer works.  Yes, t.v. is a big part of his life!  Somehow when he enters the room he’ll just have to remember to turn the t.v. on manually before he sits down.   It’s the least of his concerns in reality.  But that’s where his mind is.

During his stay at our house, I usually take his orthopedic boot off to give his foot and leg a break from time to time.  But when he’s back home, he won’t have that option.  He’ll just have to keep the boot on since he likely wouldn’t be able to strap it on tight enough.  He’s two weeks into the healing process for his fractured foot and really seems to be doing well overall.  The orthopedic Dr. initially said the recovery may take up to 6-8 weeks, but I think that’s a fairly standard response.  Perhaps he’ll feel better before that time.

This morning I put in a call to my dad’s primary care physician to see what he thought about ending the home health nurse visits.  I see no point in continuing, especially considering the cardiologist office called this morning to say he can wait three weeks ’til the next lab visit.  So, it’s not as if we need the visiting nurse to do lab work and the only other service she provided was very basic.  Besides, Monday will begin a whole series of Dr. visits for him.  Aside from his fractured foot, he’s really back to his previous condition.  So, that’s a real answer to much prayer!!  It was a godsend intially to have the visiting nurse come out, especially since it meant not having to take him to the lab with his mobility challenges.

His primary care Dr. returned my call this afternoon and agreed with me and said he’d back up my decision.  He’s very down to earth and knows my dad well.  He’ll see him in two weeks.  So, I’m relieved to end the home visits, especially since he’ll be returning home soon and doesn’t need to worry about answering the door.  The next service I need to look into is hiring a maid service to come in at least once a month.  He will protest, I know… He doesn’t see any need for someone to come in and clean.  He is organized but he doesn’t really clean…

The visiting nurse will come for the final time tomorrow.  The physical therapist called this evening and asked if we wanted her to come out one more time or process the discharge over the phone.  I chose the latter.  Our family is very fatigued from all of the hubub of the last two weeks and are ready to return to some sense of normalcy.  We are expecting a friend of my dad’s tomorrow to drop off a casserole.  Prayerfully, that is the last of the revolving door saga for a while.  Don’t get me wrong, we love company!  But, under normal circumstances and at a more peaceful time, please.

So, it looks like my dad will be ready to return home the day after tomorrow.  I gave him the choice of tomorrow or the following day, so that’s what he chose.  I think he’s about as excited as we are.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, but we just need a little “down time”.  Pretty much every waking moment is spent helping him with some task or listening to him talk.  (Have I mentioned how much he loves to talk?!?!)  As a wife and mother, I am also a sounding board for my husband and two teens, so my ears are a little droopy at times!  There’s a lot that has gone undone while we’ve been caring for my dad, so it’ll be good to get some things done.

Dad enjoys ordering this and that on Amazon and I’m his link to online shopping as he doesn’t own a computer.  So, last night we ordered a supportive pair of New Balance black shoes.  I’m ready to toss his current pair, although he thinks they’re fine.  I could see how he could easily turn his ankle with the shoes he’s wearing, so I’m glad he conceded.  We also ordered several other things he wanted, as well as a coffee maker for my sister.

All in all, it was a magnificent day…one that gave us both great hope!

During the thick of things with my dad’s recent health crisis, sometimes it has felt like it would last forever.  To be sure, we’ve had many long days, but through it all, God has been the strength of my heart, my Sustainer!  He is my Hope when my hope was dim.  He is Mercy and Healing when the battle raged.  He is Grace when my soul was weary.  He is my Strength when my humanity was exhausted.  He is my Everything.  I can’t imagine life without Jesus.  He is the fortress, the shelter I run to in the midst of the storm.  He is my Refuge, my Redeemer, my Rock.



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2 responses to “Dad’s Returning Home Soon!

  1. Karen

    I am so happy for you.

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