I Found It!!!

Have you ever misplaced something and looked everywhere to no avail?  I mean, for about a year?!  I thought I was losing my marbles when redemption appeared to me today!!

I have earnestly prayed that I would find it.  I have believed I would.  But when I actually laid my eyes on it today, I could hardly believe the answer was finally granted!

I was putting away some of my winter clothes and sorting through a dresser drawer when I felt something inside a fuschia summer shirt of mine.  I curiously and slowly unfolded the shirt and to my surprise…there it was!!!  I thought my heart was going to drop.  I nearly had to sit down to take in the miracle of it all!

You see, I hid my daughter’s $400 iPod Touch last May because she was grounded from using it.  The only problem was… I also hid it from myself!  And, try as I might, I could not rack my brain enough to figure out what I had done with it!  I detest when I outsmart myself.  Haha!  I remember thinking at the time, ‘She’ll never find it here’.  Little did I know, neither would I.  At least for nearly a year.  Do you know how much mental space has been freed up as a result of finding this little electronic device?!  Now, I can move on to solving life’s other great mysteries that perplex me!  Haha!

Her iPod has more storage space than she will likely ever need, but it’s there if she does.  We went in half with her and gave it to her as a gift several years ago.  It’s a handy little thing as she can text me if she has access to Wi-fi.  I like that since she doesn’t have a cell phone yet.  She has taken some fantastic pictures on it as well, especially while on a missions trip to Spain a couple years ago.

I just had to shout it from the rooftops that I am officially in total custody of all my marbles!  I’ve got it all together!   At least for today …



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7 responses to “I Found It!!!

  1. Valerie

    HAHA!! Yay for it being found!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Haha! I’ve done that! Hiding things from others, including myself! Have a good day!

  3. I know what that’s like, Amber! In fact, I’ve got a couple of well hidden things I’m looking for. How about coming over to help me find them? Of course, it is a bit far…

    • No problem! I’d love to come right over!! 😉 Haha! Well, I pray that you find your “well hidden” items! I’ve found amazing things happen when you organize & clear out drawers and closets! Best wishes for your treasure hunt!

      • That’s the problem, actually. I just finished a big decluttering, organizing campaign! All I can say is I need help!

        Two eyeglass strings are missing. You know the ones you attach to glasses to keep them around your neck when not wearing. We’ve never used them, but now my husband wants one. I realize now I should have stored them in the baggy with the new shoelaces.

        But I’ll find them, I’m sure once I’ve recovered from my mishap with the ladder! But it would be more fun if you came to help!

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