A Stranger Paid for our Groceries

Last April, my husband and daughter went to the grocery store for a few things for dinner and came home with the most incredible story!  They were in the check out line when they noticed the lady in front of them kind of hung back even after she’d paid for her own groceries.  A few minutes later, she told my husband that the Lord told her to pay for our groceries!

(My husband kept asking her if she was sure, not really wanting to accept her offer.  More on that aspect in a future post.)

What?!  Pay for our groceries?  It wasn’t just a few dollars either.  It was $45 worth of food!  We live in an area where the mode of operation is much like a rat race!  Every man for himself.  Survival of the fittest.  The early bird gets the worm.  You get the idea… That’s what makes this an even greater miracle!

It was not only a real blessing to us, but also humbling.  Humbling that God would show His great love for us in this practical way.  That evening I posted a status on Facebook and a pastor friend of ours wisely noted, “God uses people to demonstrate His love for us.”  I have to agree.

We had a special prayer as a family that evening, thanking God for this blessing and praying that the Lord would especially bless and provide for this woman, who was a vessel of God.  We are confident He is continuing to bless her.

This incident reinforced the belief that God knows all about us, all the details, our address, our needs … and desires to bless us.  Were we in dire need of provision?  No.  We could have paid for our groceries with no problem, but that is what makes this miracle so amazing.  Despite our ability to purchase the groceries, God blessed us anyway.  In a way, it was a blessing on top of a blessing.

We used this blessing as an object lesson for our kids, who are really teens, but we call them kids.  We reminded them how important it is to be tuned in to the voice of God, those gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit.  Also, how we need to be swift to obey the promptings of the Lord.  And, lastly, how there are tremendous blessings when we give!  Giving has been modeled before them their entire lives and they know the joys that accompany an outstretched hand.  You see, when our hands are clenched tightly, we are not in a position to receive anything, are we?  Contrastly, when our hands are extended and open, we are free to receive all that God has for us.  Hold loosely to the things of this world, friend.  We’re just passing through!  Our real treasure is on the other side, waiting for us.

May we all be Christ’s hands extended to a world that desperately needs to know the love of Jesus!  Listen for His voice today, friend.  He speaks all the time.  The question is, whether or not, we are still long enough to hear.



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4 responses to “A Stranger Paid for our Groceries

  1. Hearing the voice of GOD is something we have to be trained for, if we haven’t been raised in it, & He is an excellent teacher. He speaks to each one of us differently, in a way that He knows WE will understand. Many don’t realize that He talks to us all the time. Using the Word, of course, friends, & that special still small voice, that is for us alone. I still miss hearing Him on occasion. I have learned, tho, that once He gives instructions, or a ‘word’, He won’t give anything else until I have acted on that
    word. At least that is how He works w/me
    What a wonderful testimony of the Lady. She was obedient to His Word. I would put her & her seed on my ‘forever’ prayer List. You & your family are blessed, & how wise your hubs was to accept the Lady’s (and our Father’s) outreach. Thanks for posting ~ !!! M.

  2. Amazing story of God’s goodness! Thank you for sharing!

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