A Little Update …

Hey there, friends!  Just wanted to let you know that our family was on our way home from visiting our older son and was involved in a car accident on Sunday night.  We had driven 1,000 miles over the course of two days and were just four minutes from home when we were hit by a drunk driver in a stolen vehicle.  A Chevy Tahoe (SUV) plowed into a Volkswagon Passat (sedan), which struck us and sent us into the minivan in front of us.  We believe the Tahoe was traveling at about 65-70 mph and made no attempt to stop.  We had been stopped at a red light for about a minute when we were hit.

My husband, two children and myself were all taken to the hospital by ambulance and later released after CAT scans, etc.  Two people were flown by helicopter to a hospital.  We were very fortunate that we were not injured worse than we were.  We all have a great deal of neck and back pain, but, prayerfully will be okay in time.  The kids have Dr. appts. on Friday and my husband and I have appts. next week.

We are so grateful for the mercy of God over our lives and know that angels were dispatched to protect us from what could have been a fatal accident.  Our hearts are so full of praise to our heavenly Father for His protection.  He is so worthy of all our praise!  We may never know why these things happen, but we are determined that somehow, some way God will receive all the glory even out of this unfortunate situation.

We appreciate your prayers, friends.

We’re on quite a bit of medicine so I won’t be posting as much during our recovery.

God bless!





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8 responses to “A Little Update …

  1. Rest up, and get well soon. Glad you’re all OK!

  2. Praise God for your protection! Seek Him in this and all things — He will make something beautiful out of this!!!

    (See my Yoda Story for inspiration: http://journalofdawn.wordpress.com/my-yoda-story/ )

  3. Valerie

    Huge {{hugs}} coming your way, hon!
    How scary. 😦 I thank the Lord that you and your family are ok. ❤ ❤

  4. Karen

    You are all in my prayers.

  5. Praise God, indeed that you and your family are okay.

  6. Praying for you and your family. Praise God for His protection over you!

  7. How scary, good luck with your recovery!

  8. fitmom27

    Oh no! I’m so thankful you are all okay and will join you in praying for a full recovery for all of you.

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