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Update on Our Recovery

Hey, friends!  I am slowly but surely returning to somewhat normal life post-auto accident.  Very slowly, it would seem.  We were all in shock initially and may still be to a degree.  We hope to be weaning off the muscle relaxers very soon as they make us feel so groggy.

Driving or even being a passenger in a vehicle again make me very apprehensive.  It gets a little better each time I head out, but I still have this feeling of vulnerability, like an accident could happen again even though I’m doing everything right.  (just like before)

I took the kids to the pediatrician last Friday and they referred my daughter to go immediately to the ER for xrays as she was in extreme neck pain.  They wanted to make sure she didn’t have a fracture.  That was a four hour adventure.  Alas, she was having muscle spasms and they prescribed more meds.  My husband and I will go to see our doctor this week and likely be referred to an orthopedic doctor.  My kids will be seeing an orthopedic doctor soon as well.

At this point, we just want to return to some sense of normalcy.  One day last week I ate breakfast at 3p.m.  Last night we ate dinner at 10p.m.  Craziness.  Our lives have been completely upended and I’m really praying for God’s peace and grace.  He is a good God and He is as close as the mere mention of His Great Name!  I know He walks with us through each step we take.

Last night was the first time since the accident that I could sit down and write out some Scriptures to meditate on.  I wrote out some verses from Isaiah 53 and Psalm 103.  Each day I plan to write out other verses of comfort.

I was sitting at a red light with my foot on the brake.  Completely still.  And then, our worlds changed.  It could’ve been so much worse and, in light of that, we are forever grateful to God!  But dealing with our pain and accident trauma, we have made a decision to focus on God and the fact that our best days still lie ahead.  This will not last forever.  We have many happy days in the future.

Despite the four of us experiencing physical pain, attending to many details related to the accident, etc., I have made a decision not to dwell on the negative aspects that could easily drag us down.  Instead, I will pray and trust that God is working all things together for our good and for His glory!  I don’t know how God does that, but rather than attempt to figure out it out, I am trusting Him to do what only He can do.  I do my part, which is reading the Word of God, strengthening my faith and praying often.  Somehow, He works supernaturally behind the scenes as only our Creator God can!  And, there I leave my faith.

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,
from whence cometh my help.
 My help cometh from the Lord,
which made heaven and earth.”  ~ Psalm 121


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