I’m Still Here…


So, it turns out I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, friends!! Our family continues going to physical therapy three times a week as we recover from our car accident in May. We’re all doing fairly well…still in pain every day … but praying our way through and believing for God to bring total and complete healing!


No, I’m not pregnant! Ha! I hope not at age 40 something! …

The real big news is … we are moving five states away (1,000 miles!) to be closer to our grown son!!! Those who’ve followed my blog for some time know how much this mother has missed her #1 son (for 5 long years now)! God has opened the door for my husband to transfer his job and we are so excited about this breakthrough for our family!!!!! Can you sense our excitement?!?!

I should specify how huge of a breakthrough this really is … First of all, for over four years my husband has been against the idea of moving. I learned a valuable lesson throughout this process…Take the desires of my heart to the Lord in prayer, leave them there and keep quiet. This has not been easy, I have to say. (especially considering how badly I’ve wanted this to happen!) But, God is faithful and I will be ever grateful to Him for opening this door for us!!

Our house went on the market today and we are praying for a speedy and solid sale!

Would you agree with me in prayer? I’d definitely appreciate it. Our prayer is for a quick sale and full asking price. There is nothing too hard for God!

We’ve been working feverishly getting our house ready to put on the market, packing extra things away, doing lots of touch up painting, etc. We laid 20 bags of mulch the other day in the front flower beds and it still wasn’t enough. Looks like we’ll need about 10-15 more! My husband only has a couple projects to complete and we will have this exhausting phase behind us! The photographer came out yesterday to take pictures of the house and install the lockbox. Exciting stuff!!!

As soon as the dust settles, I’ll return to blogging regularly but I wanted to check in with my WordPress friends! Miss you guys! God bless! 🙂



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7 responses to “I’m Still Here…

  1. Still doing therapy? Wow–your bodies must have really taken some battering. Excited for your move & praying for all to work out well. But (maybe because I constantly live this) it’ll be hard to leave others behind, won’t it? I’m thinking of your dad–how will he cope with your leaving? Wishing you all the best, and know it’ll be great to have all your kids nearby.

    • Yes, it’s crazy how long some injuries take to heal. Right now, we’re a little frustrated with our progress, but trusting God for healing! Initially, my dad was going to move with us, but has decided (for the time being, anyway) to stay put. Fortunately, some friends from his church will assist him as needed. He’s dug in his heels about not wanting to move…Thank you for your well wishes! We are all “over the moon” excited!! 🙂

      • I really am glad for you! I know what it means to have family far away. And glad to know your dad will be looked out for. He sounds like my father-in-law. We never could get him to come and stay with us.

  2. Good to see you posting again! How exciting that you have an opportunity be closer to your son!

  3. Karen

    So Happy for you all.

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