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One of My Favorite Thinking Spots


Winnie the Pooh is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters and having three children has afforded me more than ample episodes of watching this adorable bear sit in his “thinking spot”.   He’d say, “Think, think, think…”.

Aw, he tried so hard, bless his heart.

Well, for me, I don’t have to try so hard as thoughts are ever swirling around in this head of mine.  The other day, I needed to escape the four walls of our apartment, so my 15 year old son and I headed to the beach.  We had such a nice, long walk along the surf.  We chit chatted about things, watched other beach goers, collected seashells and paused a few times just to enjoy watching the sun reflecting off the expansive ocean.  It was about 67 degrees and very breezy, but with our jackets on, it was absolutely gorgeous! My son is closing in on 6 feet tall.  It won’t be long now before he reaches this milestone.  He’s growing by leaps and bounds maturity wise too.  Truly this is time to be cherished.  It is fleeting.

At one point my son walked down to the water while I enjoyed sitting in my turquoise blue beach chair.  That was my thinking spot for the moment.  How I savor times like these!  Just to soak in the beauty of God’s handiwork – the beautiful, blue ocean, the white sand that feels like baby powder sifting through my toes, the vibrant sunshine and the health to enjoy it all!  God is so good!  I sat there just thanking God for the gift of today, that He is taking care of all things that concern me, and in that, I rest.

I love to “people watch”.  This time of year we have a lot of “snow birds” (people who spend their winters in Florida and live elsewhere the remainder of the year) and we also have shorter term visitors.  The roads are more congested and license plates from just about all 50 states can be seen.  As I sat in my thinking spot, I saw older couples walking hand in hand down the beach; moms with their little ones; an Amish family soaking in the sun and the daring, young man dive into the ocean on such a cool day.  Ha ha!  He didn’t last too long until he came out, clinging to his colorful beach towel.  🙂 The water temperature had to be in the upper 40’s or 50’s… definitely too cold for most.  The lifeguards are on duty, actively watching for anyone in potential trouble.

The seagulls were gathered en masse along the beach drying their feathers and others were seeking out discarded food.  Some visitors throw sand at the pesky birds while others take photographs of these interesting seabirds.  It’s a love/hate relationship for most, I think.  😉  In the distance, there are many volleyball nets erected but no takers at the moment.  Several times a year there are big tournaments.

I sat there with my white baseball cap on and black sunglasses to shield the relentless rays.  (Side note: I don’t like hats.  No, that’s not entirely accurate.  I despise hats.  I like them on other people.  Just not on me.  However, since having a pre-cancerous mole removed from my cheek last year, they’ve become a necessity.)  So, this was my first outing sporting a hat.  Of course, I felt as though I was wearing a lamp shade, although I’m sure I looked far more normal than that.  Haha!  My husband told me later that evening how good my hat looked on me.  That was very kind of him to say.  🙂

Our time was too brief at the beach that day.  We had to hurry on our way to go house hunting with our trusty realtor.  No worries, though.  I’ll return to my favorite thinking spot very soon.

What’s your favorite thinking spot?



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