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Is Creativity Lost?

Why is it that everyone wants to be like someone else?  Have you ever noticed that once a fad begins, everyone falls all over themselves to copy it?  As if by doing so validates their personhood or makes them one of the group.  As if by not doing so excludes them from the club.

Does anyone have an original thought in their head anymore?

I must be on social media overload or something with all this bed rest, but I can’t help but notice the clone like tendencies we, Americans, tend to gravitate toward.

Has anyone else pondered this?

Maybe I’m too stubborn or hard headed.  Or maybe I take the verse literally:

“Ye are a chosen generation, royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.”  ~   I Peter 2:9

As Christians we are supposed to stand out, to be different in our faith, in our lifestyles.

I believe we should be some of the most original, authentic, salt of the earth folks around.

But how does this relate to originality?

Instead of looking to emulate the ways of this world, we should seek wisdom from God as to how to lead our lives.

I think Christians should be some of the most creative minds because God is our Father and He is the author of all creation.  He spoke the worlds into existence and they came into being.

Ask God today to give you creative ideas to solve life’s challenges and to be a blessing to those around you.

The Bible says, “If any man lack wisdom, he should ask of God that gives to all men liberally…” ~ James 1:5

You were designed by God to be different in order to make a difference.

If we lose our originality, aren’t we then just mere clones, shells of existence?

I challenge you to be the unique creature that God created you to be.  Don’t worry about fitting in.  Don’t worry about approval from others.  Just be you.

The world will be a better place because of it.




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