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Technology & Generation X

I was born in what now seems like the dinosaur age of technology.  Yes, we had color t.v.  But, my childhood wasn’t centered around technology.  It was filled with a lot of fresh air and outdoor play.  I wasn’t surgically attached to a device that could connect me to the entire world with a push of a button or my voice!  That would seem like something from outer space back then in my small world.

I remember when we finally got a microwave around 1986 and a VCR player in 1988.  It seemed that our family was always the last one to get any new technology.  My friends had an Atari video game system, which we enjoyed playing Space Invaders, bowling, and tennis on after school. My day to day relatively “low tech” life after school revolved around limited t.v. watching (Loved the old “Mickey Mouse Club”) on a massive console box with no remote, and more outdoor activities, like: hide-and-seek, kickball,  and catching lightning bugs. We played with Barbies, paper dolls and my beloved Holly Hobbie Tree House on occasion too.

I talked to my friends on a corded telephone for a few minutes, not hours on end. I had a paper calendar I wrote important events on. I wrote letters to my relatives and friends who’d moved away. In the early 80’s, my favorite t.v. shows were Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas. (Why did I watch Dallas at such a young age? I don’t know!) I brushed my teeth with a manual toothbrush.

I realize cutting edge technology has been around for a while, even in the early 1970’s and 80’s, but it certainly didn’t come to our house. There were no computers in our home. In fact, my first computer was a “hand me down” given to my husband and I in 1995. Since I had held administrative jobs, I’d worked with computers since the late 1980’s, although somewhat limited.  We  would purchase our very own Dell personal computer in 2000.

Remember car phones? Haha! On the show, Dallas, they used those. We thought they were the coolest things! Then came along cell phones that were almost as large as car phones, maybe they were! I got my first cell phone in 1995 when I worked for a company that offered a good discount on the monthly fees. I thought I was “big stuff” back then! That was when folks carried a cell phone on one side of their belt and a pager on the other side. (pre-texting era) Okay, why am I beginning to feel like a dinosaur?!? It’s not that I am so old, I tell myself…It’s that technology has changed so rapidly over the last 20 years! And, it will continue to evolve. That’s the thing. Once we Generation X’s have one aspect figured out, they change something else on us! Haha!

I got my first Blackberry in 2007, mostly because I loved having the keyboard to email and text (although I didn’t text then as much as I do now). Granted, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since 1996, so I didn’t “need” a cell phone; but technology has always piqued my interest. Before my first BB, I had a Razor, a cute, little, flip phone. It was functional, met all my needs, but the Blackberry was definitely a step up. I went through two BB’s since ’07, and finally entered the 21st Century when I bought an iPhone in 2012. I couldn’t resist. It was $.99 through my cell phone carrier. The price was right! Haha! I’m an Apple believer now. Why was I so stuck on BB’s? 😉

Texting…It’s the “go to” mode of communication if you want to reach teenie boppers or twenty-somethings, it seems. I call it their love language. They won’t pick up the phone, but they’ll answer via text.

My personal favorite response to a long paragraph when texting my grown son is … Are you ready for this? … “K”.   That’s it. That’s all he’s got. Not even, “okay”. No, just “K”. Wow. This is what we’ve come to.  Gotta love the texting lingo:  brb, omw, cyl, jk, idk, etc.  So, there’s another entire language we must learn.  And, this is not easy for me at all, mostly because I enjoy spelling words out.  Spelling and punctuation are important after all.  🙂

To realize that my parents never owned a computer nor a cell phone is an eye opening thought. How ever did they survive? My mom was a nurse and I remember when the hospital was converting from paper to computers. She was so frustrated and found it difficult to adapt.

That is the key word: Adapt. Change. Modify. Adjust. Revamp. Redefine.

Technology is awesome! But, those born before they issued what I refer to as the “Techno Gene” to all babies when they came into this world, sometimes find it difficult to wrap their heads around the latest and greatest advances in technology! For example, I love my Kindle. I’ve wirelessly loaded and read countless e books; however I have yet to figure out how to load a library book on it! I’m stubborn, so I eventually figure things out. I’m going to make one more attempt to do this before taking it into my local library branch and asking for assistance. 🙂

Yes, I love technology.

What are your greatest challenges with technology?


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