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Waiting for Surgery


Surgery is such a common occurrence these days that it is possible you or someone you know will have surgery in the near future.  As I find myself in that category, I thought I’d offer some useful tips for both the patient and friends and family.

To the patient first – 

  •  My best advice is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible regarding the type of surgery you will undergo.  The more you know, the less you will worry.  The fear of the unknown is a terrible thing.
  • Discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor.
  • Prepare your household (stock up on groceries, make sure things are taken care of in advance that usually rely on your efforts.)
  • Pay all bills and make sure spouse knows where important papers are.
  • Pamper yourself a little.
  • Pray and leave the surgery in God’s hands.
  • Relax.  Before you know it, the surgery will be history and you’ll be on the road to recovery!

To friends & family –

  • Ask your friend or family member how you can best offer assistance.
  • Plan to prepare a simple meal to drop off after surgery. (Don’t linger.  They need rest and are likely in pain.)
  • Offer to do light grocery shopping.
  • Write a thoughtful get well card.  (Everyone loves to be thought of, especially when they’re not feeling up to par.)
  • Give a little thinking of you gift. (lip balm, lotion, word search puzzle book, etc.)
  • Pray for their healing, comfort and peace during this time.


I hope this was helpful.  If you’d like to add any tips, please leave a comment.

Here’s wishing all of us a healthy year!


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Vasovagal and me …

This morning, I went to the dermatologist to have a mole under my eye removed, and it wound up being a little more eventful than anticipated.  *Sigh*  Every medical procedure I’ve ever had has been more “eventful” than I bargained for, but I digress…

The nurse injected the area under my eye with a numbing agent, like lidocaine, and a few minutes later, the physician’s assistant performed the necessary procedure.  I thought I was fine.  I didn’t feel any pain, and life was good… So, I thought!

A few moments later, my head began getting fuzzy, my ears were ringing and the room was turning black.  And, I wasn’t okay.  The nurse had me lie flat and took my blood pressure a few minutes later.  It was pretty low.  She brought in another nurse, who quickly got me a cup of water and some crackers.  They were both very kind and patient with me and my crazy reaction, and we enjoyed pleasant conversation for a short while during my recovery.  Slowly, I began to feel better and my blood pressure returned to somewhat normal.  I was finally able to get myself together and leave.

Vasovagal response is a fainting episode, often times as a result of anesthesia, pain, perceived major stress, etc.  I had never heard of this until I had neck surgery in 2012, and experienced it firsthand.  They decided a great location for the i.v. was the back of my hand.  Who thought this was a great place??  I don’t know, but it is painful.  Anyway, I was still in pre-op and my husband was talking away when I felt the room growing very black and my ears were ringing.  I couldn’t respond to my husband and I remember wishing he’d stop talking because I couldn’t answer him!  Haha! 🙂  I recovered and then went into surgery…

I just want to know why it is our bodies do things on their own volition?!  It reminds me of my dental file that has a big label on it:  “Gagger”!  What a charmer!  I can’t help it!  It is yet another annoying reflex my body displays.  I often say that as we age, it’s as if our body betrays us!  Can’t we all just play nice and get along?

I like to think of myself as pretty resilient and durable.  I am a mother of three, after all.  I am Wonder Woman.  I can survive the toughest of trials.  But, in recent years, my responses are beyond my control…and I don’t like it!  🙂

It is comforting to know that God is in control, even when I am not.  I’m glad to know that in times of great distress, God is the Rock that I cling to.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  ~  Psalm 46:1

I can rest in the knowledge that no matter the circumstances I find myself in, God cares for me and protects me wherever I go.




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