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Spice Cabinet Organizing


The above is the “Before” picture of my spice cabinet.  As you can see, it wasn’t terrible, however, being the neatnik that I am, I fine tuned it a bit.  I like knowing where things are at a glance.



Okay, this is the “After” picture.  I removed everything from the shelves, placed the ones I don’t often use in the back of the cabinet and refilled my Tupperware spice containers, which I bought at my local thrift store about three years ago.  I think I paid $4.00 for all of them.  Highly recommend.  (They retail for approx. $60 on ebay.)

I took a couple things out and put on the big lazy Susan instead.  Grouping spices together according to brand is pleasing to the eye, so I put all the McCormick’s together.  I also buy a fair amount of store brands…they’re in the back.

While it would be ideal to have another spice lazy Susan, I just worked with what I had for now.  By taking a mental inventory of our stock, I know what we are running low on.  I also found a new jar of chicken bouillon nestled inside one of the orange, Fiestaware bowls.  I just bought a new jar yesterday because I thought we were out!  This is where periodic organizing comes in handy, to avoid buying duplicates.  😉  I also tossed two containers of cupcake sprinkles as I don’t foresee any use and they’ve overstayed their time in my cabinet.

How do you like to organize your spices and seasonings?

The Tupperware cabinet is next …


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